People, Process & Performance Ltd. has been providing CMM® & CMMISM services to industry since 2002. P3 is focused on providing management with answers to process improvement issues by assisting organizations to interpret and apply the CMMISM model for the development of systems and software in a way that is sympathetic and commensurate with Industry practices.

P3 provide expertise in relating CMMISM appropriate to both large and small business with a focus on providing management with guidance and support to ensure the process improvements do in fact provide the Business Benefits expected.

P3 provides assistance in developing Measurements and Reports in support of the business objectives and project needs which help demonstrate the expected benefits realised by the implementation of CMMISM.

People, Process & Performance Ltd both work with and are supported by a number of associates and partner companies with branches across Europe. Each have been selected to ensure a consistent high quality of service and knowledge. They all have the same level of ‘hands on’ experience necessary to enable them to bring realism to Process Improvement in Europe.

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